An Affiliate Marketer’s Guide To Advertising on PlentyOfFish Ads

If you’re trying to make money through affiliate marketing, but aren’t using PlentyOfFish’s advertising platform, you’re missing an excellent opportunity.

PlentyOfFish (POF) is the world’s leading dating website, with over 76 million registered users. The POF self-serve advertising system is extremely popular with affiliate marketers, and arguably provides a higher ROI than other common platforms, such as Facebook and Google.




Why Should All Affiliate Marketers Be Using PlentyOfFish Ads? 

There are several social media platforms available to affiliate marketers, who often overlook dating websites such as POF. If you’re guilty of this, here are a few reasons why you should reconsider your strategy:


The Reach

According to the PlentyOfFish blog, the website attracts over 10 billion page views per month, from over 3 million active daily users. For an online dating website, that’s extremely impressive! This number continues to rise, presenting an ever-growing target for your advertisements.


It’s Cost Effective 

When compared to similar platforms such as Facebook, POF consistently ranks as one of the most cost-effective advertising platforms. It costs $25 to get started, and, whilst higher CPMs will earn you more impressions, fantastic results are reported from bids as low as $0.35.


The Targeting

The level of targeting permitted by POF Ads is unrivalled. It’s able to provide almost endless targeting combinations, due to the depth of information submitted by users creating their dating profiles. In addition to the usual targeting options, like age and location, you can target based upon attributes such as:

  • Number of children
  • Occupation
  • Body type
  • Drinking and smoking habits
  • Income
  • Interests

As a result, you can ensure your advertisements are getting displayed to the right people, every time.





How to Ensure Success from Your PlentyOfFish Ads

It’s important to consider the differences between affiliate marketing platforms, and tailor your approach to get the best results. When you use POF ads, the traditional affiliate marketing rules apply (e.g. focus on getting higher conversion rates, as opposed to CTRs). However, to get the best results, you should also take into account the following:


Use Sensible Targeting

When you first start using the POF advertising platform, it can be tempting to go crazy with the targeting. This approach can be detrimental to your campaign; you must carefully consider each targeting decision you make, and evaluate its impact. The more criteria you use, the more you’ll limit the reach of your campaign. Is each restriction necessary? How much will it affect your reach?

When it’s used correctly, targeting can make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful campaign. Make smart choices, and you’ll get results.


Personalise Your Advertisements

Thanks to POF’s personalisation options, you can use information about the recipients of your campaign, within the advertisement itself. This enables you to include the user’s age, location or gender to grab their attention. To do this, use the following dynamic tags:

  • {gender:default}
  • {age:default}
  • {state:default}

This is a proven tactic for increasing CTRs and conversions, as it lets the user know you’re talking directly to them. Try to include at least one dynamic tag within each campaign.


Get the CPM Right

The CPM is fundamental to the success of your POF advertising campaigns. If you only take one thing away from this blog post, make sure it’s this.

The platform prioritises campaigns with a higher CPM. This means those with a higher CPM are displayed to the user first, at the start of their session. If there’s lots of competition for the criteria you’ve selected, a low CPM will result in fewer impressions, as you’re reliant upon users staying logged in for an extended period of time.

To maximise your ROI, you need to work out the lowest CPM you can use to get the required number of impressions. The best way to do this is to set up smaller campaigns to start with, evaluate their success, and scale up the one with the best results.

If you want to achieve high volumes of traffic on offers targeted in the dating space, then you should consider setting up an account with PlentyOfFish. With competitive pricing, a phenomenal reach and a great set of demographic parameters for targeting the right audience for your needs, this is one platform you simply cannot afford to ignore.



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