Affiliate Marketers: 7 Top Tips For Promoting Mobile Offers




According to Cisco, global mobile internet usage grew by 70% last year. This growth is certainly set to continue with the advent of 4G, and as data allowances fall in price.

This of course, provides affiliate marketers with an excellent opportunity to buy high-quality traffic from ad networks that can offer vast inventory capacity with relatively low buyer demand. Although there is an immense opportunity for affiliate marketers to thrive in the mobile space, caution should always be taken to maximize success.

With this in mind, I have decided to share a number of ‘top tips’ for promoting mobile offers from my personal experience.


Make Sure You Receive A Sufficient Cap Allocation

Mobile campaigns often have erratic budgets that see campaigns frequently pausing, and then being reactivated, and so on. Securing a sufficient cap allocation will save you a lot of wasted time, so build a close relationship with your affiliate manager and make them aware of your allocation requirements.


Use Banners That Make Sense To Mobile

Mobile banners should make sense to mobile users. Don’t try to cram too much information into each banner, and make sure that your banner conveys a single message only. In addition, your call-to-action buttons should, where possible, be large enough to be clicked easily with the users thumb.


Research The Target Location

If you are targeting users in an unfamiliar location, you need to conduct comprehensive research to understand the market, preferred carriers, and the demographical behaviour of your target market. With mobile offers, campaign success does not port geographically as easily as it can with desktop campaigns.


Make Sure The Advertiser’s Landing Page Is Mobile Optimized

Amazingly, some mobile app’ developers still offer landing pages that aren’t mobile-optimized. Check to see how the landing page renders over the devices that you are targeting and if the landing page isn’t optimized, build your own variation and split-test against the direct link.











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Track Everything

The traffic quality from mobile ad networks can vary wildly, so it’s imperative to make sure that you are tracking your ad campaigns down to placement level. Most ad networks will allow you to optimize by isolating and pausing non-performing placements, so a solid mobile tracking platform is essential to identify these. Your tracking solution should also enable you to easily identify fake traffic (bot traffic, duplicate clicks, etc.) that can be rife with mobile media buys.


Split-Test Your Mobile Ad Networks

Not all ad networks are created equally. Run your offer over multiple ad networks and track the performance of each. Different ad networks will often offer different publisher placement inventory so ongoing testing and optimization is a must.


Work With An Affiliate Manager That Understands Mobile

A number of affiliate networks are starting to jump on the mobile bandwagon, but some affiliate managers understand the mobile space more than others. Mobile affiliate marketing is a different animal to desktop and your success will largely depend upon the tracking set-up, cap management, support, advice and allocations you receive from your network partners.




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