15 Ways to increase your opt-in subscribers

This is a guest post by Garin Kilpatrick. Garin is an internet entrepreneur, blogger, and the author of The Twitter Tools Book.

15 Ways to increase your opt-in subscribers

The money is in the list.  With a list of newsletter subscribers you can drive traffic with the push of a button.

This post will cover some basics strategies for list building, but if you want to become a list building master make sure you sign up for List Playbook.

A strong online presence starts with a healthy list of subscribers.  The following tips are geared towards any blogger who is looking to significantly grow his (or her) email list.

1. Use a lightbox signup form

In his post: How to Drastically Increase Subscriber Numbers to Your Email Newsletter Problogger Darren Rowse advocates using a lightbox to drastically increase signups.

I use this a lightbox on all of my blogs and despite thousands of leads captured I have never received a harsh complaint.

AWeber has a great form building tool that makes building and installing lightboxes easy. I recommend selecting the option for your lightbox to show only the first time someone visits your page.

A new plugin many bloggers, including myself, have started using is Popup Domination.  Popupdom was launched by Michael Dunlop of income diary, and has sold thousands of copies.  It comes with a variety of templates, and is more customizable than the Aweber lightbox.

2. Include a mini-form at the bottom of your blog posts

I noticed this tactic is being used by many top bloggers such as Daniel Scocco, Yaro Starak, and David Risley.

Using this strategy guarantees that all readers of your blog content will see your sign up form.

Another strategy is to include your subscribe form in the sidebar of your blog so that it is visible on every page in your website.

3. Use a Video to Tell People to Subscribe

This technique is being implemented with great success by internet marketer Yaro Starak on his blog Entrepreneur’s Journey.

Having a video is a great way to show people who you are and literally tell them to subscribe.

4. Integrate a signup form into your Facebook page

Using the facebook app static fbml you are able to include html into the sidebar of a facebook page, or into a tab.

As long as your form is HTML, you will be able to install it into your page using the static fbml app.

You can also add a sign up form to the sidebar of your personal Facebook profile using the app profile box.

5. Split Test

Even if you are a homeless man, it is important to always split test.

Create two web forms, and determine which one converts better.

Don’t trust your intuition and just go with what you think will convert best.  Instead, listen to the stats, and you will get the best results.

Google analytics is always a solid way to track traffic and conversions.

If you use AWeber, their forms have tracking built in.

Small changes in form design can drastically change conversion rates, so test and test again to get the form that works best!

6. Include a call to action in your email signature

Ask people to sign up to your newsletter at the bottom of every email you send.

Simply throw in a line like this:

For great tips and tricks sign up to my newsletter at: http://GarinKilpatrick.com

7. Offer a bonus incentive for subscribers

Incentives to get people to sign up to your list can take a vartiety of forms.  You can run a monthly prize for newsletter subscribers, give away an ebook, an audio book, an eCourse, videos, and the list goes on.

The higher the quality and the relevance of the content you offer for free, the more likely people will be to subscribe.

I have found that my 7 day Twitter eCourse ends up retaining and converting more leads, because I build a relationship with those subscribers during the first seven days when I send them the email course.

8. Offer a password to a “members only” page

If you have a WordPress blog it is very easy to password protect a page.

See the screenshot that shows you exactly how this is done within the “Publish” sidebar box within WordPress.

9. Make subscribers feel secure

According to the Blue Sky Factory post: The top 5 ways to generate and retain opt-in subscribers, “the best way to get a new subscriber and keep an old subscriber (according to 1,400 email subscribers) is to keep their information sacred.”

Write a reassuring line or two under your sign up form letting your subscribers know that you respect their privacy and that you will never sell their email, or send them spam.

10. Run a monthly contest for subscribers

Offer a monthly contest to all subscribers who sign up to your newsletter.

You can give away a gift card, or of you own your own information product you simply can give away one copy a month and it won’t cost you anything.

11. Use Scarcity

Last Friday I netted over 30 more subscribers than my daily average by telling my friends on Twitter that it was the last day that I was offering an eBook for free by signing up to my list.

12. Use a footer form

Although I do not currently have any footer ads installed I have used them in the past with success, and I will use them again in the future.

Footer ads are less invasive than lightbox forms, so they will lower your bounce rate.

You can get a basic Aweber footer slideup plugin for wordpress, for free, that will look similar to the image below.

If you want to get fancy with your footer slide up I recommend you go with the Ultimate Footer Ad:

13. Produce a great newsletter and include a subscribe link

You’ve probably heard it before, because the statement is true: content is king.

If your newsletter is great people will tell their friends.

Make sure to include a subscribe link within your newsletter so that forwarded emails can convert new subscribers.

14. Ask your social media networks to subscribe

Ask and you shall receive.

This marketing technique works not only for netting new subscribers, but also for cross promoting any other community.

Try sending out a tweet telling people to join your Facebook page, or a status update on Facebook telling people to follow you or tweet about your newsletter on Twitter.

If you manage a facebook group you have the power to message all group members at once. Send your group members a message about your opt in bonus and you should be able to get many of them to opt in to your email list.

15. Use Landing Pages

Build landing pages where the sole call to action is for the user to sign up to your newsletter.  Don’t risk sending visitors to your homepage if you want them to convert.

Make your call to action obvious, use arrows and multiple opt-in boxes, split test, and you will solid results.

About The Author: Garin Kilpatrick is an internet entrepreneur, blogger, and the author of The Twitter Tools Book.

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  1. Garin, man, you really showed off on this one! Thanks for sharing the lightbox tip, I’ve been wanting to test it on my blog. Currently, I get subscribers via a link at the end of every blog post, a link in my “about the author” box, and sign-up forms on every page. This strategy works, but I definitely need to branch out – I’m not getting new subscribers like I used to. Thanks for some very useful tips!

  2. Great post! All great ideas. I’m lovin social media right now. Have you heard of http://www.facebook.com/fanpagefactory?


  3. Hi Bryan

    Just want to let you know Instantslideup is a multi-tenant foot ad’s software as well and you can create/manage multiple slideup from a single control panel


  4. Nice list, I’ll have to bookmark this :)

  5. BTW you should activate the “reply to comments” feature in WordPress.

  6. I found this to be very interesting. I have already gone through and read many of your posts. They are amazing!

  7. I personally like the sign up form at the bottom of each post. Thats what Im getting ready to do but trying to find the best way to do it

  8. Hi Brian, Thanks for pointing out to my plugin of AWeber Footer Slideup and I am glad it can increase conversion.

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