You’re running too many traffic sources at once

I meet new affiliates almost everyday that have the same problem. They are running far too many traffic sources at once and aren’t tracking and optimizing them properly. They have the mindset that they are just going to run X in traffic then figure out what worked, what didn’t and then re-think their strategy from there.

I personally like to do things a bit different. I like to run a single traffic source, get it down really good, optimize it very well and then and only then move onto another traffic source. I do this because the insight I get into my niche, demographic, and other insights are invaluable. It usually ends up saving me a lot of money vs trying 10 traffic sources at once. If I try 10 at once, sometimes up to 9 of them don’t work as well as they could have with some initial data.

The other tidbit here is that it usually has very little to do with the actual traffic source, and a lot more to do with the demographic. I mean, you could certainly make the argument that PoF has a certain demographic already there and Facebook has a big demographic as well that you can obviously tap into… but that demographic and how they are going to respond is what matters. Targeting them properly, interrupting them from what they are doing with something that isn’t too far off from what they are already doing. Otherwise, it can be hard to get a typical person on PoF in a “certain mindset” to take a look at something that’s very far off from that mindset.

I see that as also a big problem, people don’t try to bridge the gap between what someone is doing and what they want to sell them. They just assume that since they are in the demographic they are automatically going to bite. Not always true.

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