The Future of Media with EngageBDR

What has 250 Million Unique Vistiors 2,500 Direct Publishers, Inventory Across 20 Countries, Propriety Technology and Billions of Monthly Impressions? Engage BDR.

I found out not too far back that Engage BDR is right in my backyard in West Hollywood, CA. Led by the infamous Ted Dhanik, a former MySpace guy, the company is doing better than ever.

My favorite part of Engage is their self serve and managed advertising platforms.

Advertisers can check out their media buying end here. And you can go managed or self serve depending on your needs.

They have inventory on all the big sites (and thousands of small sites) to get the volume you need.

I was down in there office a few months ago for business and it’s quite a nice office in West Hollywood. They have an entire floor on top of an infamous technology building over there.

These guys are really all over the place right now. Normally, I’d say that’s a bad thing. In Engage’s case that’s a good thing. They are really well staffed and know their way around the industry.

They are also into video distribute and marketing, which I think is really going to explode here soon especially with affiliate industry advertisers:

All in all, Engage BDR is a very solid choice if you’re looking for traffic of any kind.


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