Intelligence profiling in Affiliate Marketing

Have you all seen the movie Moneyball with Brad Pitt?

It’s a movie about a baseball manager that uses computer generated analysis to put a team together on a low budget, and they ultimately select players that other teams didn’t even want. Teams went on to win the world series using this approach.

Ok, so you may know about the movie and how this is used in sports but did you know this approach is used in affiliate marketing?

Let’s jump back a step and I’ll explain to you how affiliate networks get affiliates normally, if you didn’t know.

Typically affiliate networks focus heavily on advertising through banners, forums, word of mouth, direct mail, email, etc. Some dabble a bit in conference marketing at affiliate summit and other events. There are also several other typical strategies that are used but that’s beyond the point.

On the flip side, there are less than a handful of affiliate networks that are successfully using intelligence profiling techniques and going after affiliates that others may just not be interested in, or finding affiliates in creative ways and profiling them properly to know if they should focus their energy on them or not.

Since I got into affiliate marketing years and years ago I’ve consulted with numerous affiliate networks, some (the ones that took my advice) went on to add lots of money to their bottom line using intelligence profiling systems and forever not have to worry about the affiliate end. They’ve also been taught other creative non-cliche approaches to their marketing and other techniques that I can’t say in public.

The problem is that most networks that are around today use the same basic approaches just with varying degrees of aggressiveness and budget. For all intents and purposes the industry at a whole is still in the cave man age with a couple George Jetsons around that nobody knows about. You can either be the best cave man in the bunch or step it up to George Jetson status and dominate the competition without them even realizing why you are so successful. And, I should also point out that the most successful in terms of net profit at the end of the year aren’t always the networks that are other there bragging about (with 1 or 2 exceptions).

If you’re an affiliate, do you feel that someone has ever intelligently profiled you and “took a chance” in you when nobody else would?

We’re looking for 1 or 2 affiliate networks to show our approaches to intelligence profiling and creatively acquiring volume affiliates with little competition in worry about them jumping ship. If you’re a mid to upper level affiliate network or have adequate funding feel free to contact us and we will see if you are good fit for working with us.

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