Affiliate Summit West – Day 1 & 2

Another successful Affiliate Summit and I’m here to tell you about my experiences.

I got in Saturday and met up with some business partners, friends, etc.

I ran into Josh, Alex and the Mob Aff guys and hung out for a bit.

Saturday night was pretty laid back, I went over to a penthouse at the Palms for a small party with Mike Chiasson, Sam Rusani and some others.

Sunday was the meet market. Affiliate Summit did a good job this year structuring the flow better. I still felt it was quite busy for the size of the space they had but it was very good. There were a lot of mobile companies present that have popped up recently.

I stayed at the meet market for a while, in between the many meetings that I had.

There was a beer pong game on Sunday afternoon with Mob Aff again and I went to that with the whole crew. It was quite fun. My team lost, which was probably a good thing, I’m not much of a beer drinker.

Back at the show I found the experience this year a lot different than the past. I didn’t run into nearly as many newbies as I have in the past, which of course we all start somewhere, but I thought it was a breath of fresh air to not be bombarded by open ended questions from people brand new to the industry. I’m all for helping people out but sometimes it can be overwhelming and annoying when you are busy to get stopped and asked endless silly questions.

Sunday night we checked out some parties at the Palms again. AffPlaybook had a suite at the Palms and so did WAM and FreshAds. We balanced our time between the two. I ran into a ton of people there that I didn’t even know were coming. Half of the people that I wanted to talk to at the show were there.

It was nice catching up with everyone. I’ll past about the big main exhibit hall day (Monday) soon.


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