Google’s Product Listing Ads (PLAs) Accelerate in Q1

Google Product Listing Ads

Google announced earnings last week, and there were some surprises, as well as confirmation of trends. Most positive for Google, their Product Listing Ads (PLAs) are a hit with marketers. Nearly 70% of worldwide marketers surveyed in a recent Kenshoo study rated the performance of PLAs as at least slightly better than paid search with more than 25% saying they were much better. The result is a shift of ad dollars from regular paid search to PLAs including Google’s Enhanced Campaigns as the … [Read more...]

Google’s Quarter Hurt By Mobile Ad Struggles

Mobile Advertising

When Google announced its Q1 results last week, they were immediately hit with over a 3% drop in its stock price, even though they earned nearly $3.5B on $15.4B in sales. Its revenue growth was greater than 19%, and it remains one of the world’s most profitable companies. So why the stock drop? Spell its trouble with a capital “T”, as in Trends. The shift from desktops to mobile devices is happening rapidly, and the Google business models are struggling to keep up. Long driven by pay per … [Read more...]

Rising Stars Ad Units Outperform Standard Banners


The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) has been working to define new ad formats and sizes, called Rising Star Ad Units, that utilize a wider variety of available technology. And now we have proof its efforts are showing success. Known as IAB Rising Stars, these ad units combine a larger size with more dynamic and engaging rich media and video and work across desktop and mobile platforms. According to data released last month by PointRoll, click through rates for rising stars were 70% … [Read more...]

Heartbleed: What You Need to Do NOW


Heartbleed has been all over the news the last few days - that hole that was discovered in OpenSSL that potentially compromised thousands of websites. But what do you need to do now? Mashable recently posted a list of some of the internet's top sites with an action to change or not change passwords ASAP. As we head into the Easter/Passover weekend, please read and take action. … [Read more...]

Have You Heard My Theft Story? Growing Number of Breaches Endangers Business


When your living comes from the Internet, its security and trustworthiness needs to be unquestioned – or at least high enough that average users do not fear transactions. Therefore we should all be concerned about a new Pew Research Center study released this week that personal information theft online is on the rise and starting to effect a significant number of Americans. According to the study conducted in January 2014 before Heartbleed was identified, 18 percent of online adults have had … [Read more...]

AdWords Goes Clicks and Bricks


Do online ads drive foot traffic?  Google is determined to find out. Word broke over the weekend that they have launched a pilot program with six advertisers to match tracking cookies placed on user computers to in-store sales information.  The pilot program is being conducted with the help of Acxiom Corp and DataLogix Holdings. The program, called In-Store Attribution Transaction Reporting (ISATR) is built on AdWords, Google’s biggest advertising vehicle, and seeks to measure when clicks … [Read more...]

Can Big Data Find Better Payers?


Big Data advocates, and we are one of them, believe the right data helps advertisers reach a more targeted and motivated group of buyers.  And as the old sales adage goes, the secret to a successful sale is to be in front of the buyer when they want to buy, not when you want to sell. But the data is not always conclusive. Companies see the payday loan market as ripe for attack.  It is hugely profitable, and morally shady.  When the data is pealed back, the average payday loan has an annual … [Read more...]

Facebook: Sign Me In


When a new site offers you a variety of logins, which do you choose?  Google, Facebook, Twitter, or ??  Turns out the majority of us “like” Facebook. According to Q4 2013 data from Gigya, 51% of social networkers worldwide used their Facebook IDs when using social sign-in. Google+ ranked a distant second (28%), and no other network claimed more than 15% of the total. Nearly eight in 10 of Gigya’s clients preferred their Facebook ID when signing in to education/nonprofit sites, and more than … [Read more...]

Apple TouchID: A Killer Key for Mobile Payments?


TouchID is Apple’s second major building block that came with iBeacon and iOS 7.1.  Second, but in no way least.  While some of us think of the technology as a more secure way to unlock your phone, it also makes the iPhone and likely follow on iPads great secure mobile payment devices. More secure than a credit or debit card with a pin, TouchID ties the purchase to a biological attribute of the user.  And while movies project crazy ways to fool fingerprint or retina scanners, the truth is it … [Read more...]

iOS 7.1 Delivers A Huge Boost To Apple’s Mobile Payments Plans


The introduction of Apple’s iOS 7 to iPhones and iPads included a major improvement to iBeacon, Apple’s tool of choice for the future of mobile payments. iBeacon uses Bluetooth connections to send messages directly to people's smartphones, creating a new service that Apple and other retailers use to push location-based flash deals, provide product info, or simplify mobile payments. When tied to TouchID, Apple's fingerprint security on iPhone 5S, a new level of security is introduced, far … [Read more...]

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