Finding Venture Capital – Part 1

I decided that while seeking investors myself for a project, it would be great to educate readers on the process of obtain venture capital. It sounded a lot easier than it is once I started, and I'm slowly realizing that it's quite a process and a lot of work is required. The idea alone is just a small piece of the puzzle. You need business plans, financials, pitch decks, pitches, investor leads, contracts, lawyers, and more. So with all that said, you want to get capital for your venture. … [Read more...]

Get More Out of Your B2B Advertising Budget

Get More Out of Your B2B Advertising Budget

With today’s integrated marketing mix, how can you get more our of your B2B advertising? How can you gain metrics for print advertising that are similar to those of online ads? How can you understand if you are truly driving action with offline advertising? Use offline to promote online content. When you are looking to measure action and response, consider advertising the content that you are offering online – a promotion coupon, a video or something else significant for which a prospect … [Read more...]

Making email Marketing Smarter

Making email Marketing Smarter

As I’ve written about this week, email is both the most effective online marketing tool, and holds concerns about privacy and consumer rights going forward. But help may be on the way. Persado is a company that brings artificial intelligence to the problem. Outlined in Monday’s Wall Street Journal, the company writes advertising emails and landing pages using an AI engine. Using a combination of emotion, product or service characteristics and call to action, the company has seen response … [Read more...]

Concerns Ahead for Email Marketing


Innovation keeps an industry fresh. Yet highlighted in the recent Forester survey on email marketing, the respondents were concerned about the lack of innovation, and the growing consumer email privacy trends evolving.  Are concerns ahead for email marketing? Marketers love email for its ability to retain customers, drive sales, and maintain customer loyalty. But most programs fail to deliver a powerful user-centric experience. Too often it is one way speaking, and that bores people. The … [Read more...]

Is Email Marketing the New 3 Martini Lunch?

Is email the new 3 martini lunch?

Email marketing remains one of the most effective programs for speaking directly to and with your customers. Yet with so many potential uses, one appears to be rising to the top.  Is email marketing the new 3 martini lunch? A recent survey from Forrester sheds some light on the subject. With data captured in the second quarter of 2014, the survey asked what were the top 5 most important goals for the respondent’s firm’s email marketing strategy. The results show: 87%  Retain … [Read more...]

LinkedIn Moving Into News – What’s Next?

LinkedIn Moving Into News

This site is a big fan of LinkedIn and its services for B2B marketing and sales people. The days of it being a resume service for job hunters is way, way past. Any serious businessperson now has a LinkedIn profile tuned to her or his area of business expertise, and expects to be investigated before any serious business meeting. So now is LinkedIn moving into news? A couple of weeks ago, LinkedIn purchased Newsle that has incredible natural language and machine learning technology to identify … [Read more...]

Can Only Google Stop Google

Can only Google stop Google

As the world increasingly runs on Google, the question must be raised – can anything stop their power and grip on internet advertising? Combining brand knowledge, resources to invest in new technologies, and ubiquity in the applications that people use on the web, Google would seem to have a insurmountable lead. But given some recent trends, we have to ask, can only Google stop Google? The question is raised in yesterday’s Globe and Mail, which reports that increasingly advertisers are … [Read more...]

Will Your Partners Really Scale Their Web Business?

Will Your Partners Really Scale Their Web Business

The money is clearly moving online. Big advertisers like Facebook and Google are seeing their profits rise. But what about you? Are you getting your fair or unfair share? And will your partners really scale their web business? There was an interesting article in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal on the myriad of middlemen who have gone public but are yet to see profitability. Rocket Fuel, YuMe, Rubicon Project and Millennial Media are all mentioned as companies that are seeing revenue grow, … [Read more...]

Integrating B2B Marketing and Sales Planning – Product Sales Training

B2B Product Training

This week we’ve been looking at ideas for aligning marketing and sales teams, a task that sometimes seems as difficult as solving the challenges of the Middle East. We’ve looked at defining a qualified lead, cooperating to define core messages and a value proposition, and the final step – cooperative product sales training. Here’s how too many product sales training sessions usually go: bring in the sales team for 3 to 4 days. Plant them in a conference room or an auditorium for 8 hours a … [Read more...]

Integrating B2B Marketing and Sales Planning – Value Proposition

value proposition

Maximizing your company’s chance for success comes from having marketing and sales teams aligned on a common value proposition for each of your markets. For example, if marketing is thinking your product has lots of value added features while sales only sees a low price position, your organization will fail. This portion of the alignment and integrated planning comes from a clear value proposition. A good value proposition takes the core messages you’ve developed, and restates those in a … [Read more...]